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A Weight Loss Journey

My name is Sharnie and I am over 35 BMI, Obese category II, and 100.9 kg in weight. Recently, I decided enough is enough. Something MUST change. I have to. With my little girl at 4 months, my boyfriend (who happens to work at a gym and pool…

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2 Years to Social Housing

WE DID IT! Yes, after two years (-ish) on the council social housing list as a couple, then a couple expecting a child, we finally got offered a council home. And let me tell you, they do not f-ck around. We were informed of a property coming up…

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2022 Goals (Reviewing 2021)

My Future Plans was written more than a year ago on 6 July 2020! How many of those plans have come to fruition and which am I still working towards or have I scrapped? What has been added? On the list for my future plans was as follows;…

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