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One Year

In an effort to apologise but also seem like I totally have a lot going on in my life, and I meant to miss the date, I have decided to backdate this post to the actual date of my one year blog anniversary. As determined by my first published post on tis blog, anyway. The actual date f creation I forgot, along with the first few posts which I may have deleted when all changed and I decided to ‘openly’ blog using my first name. Anyway, happy blog anniversary to me and! 🎉

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No Gender Reveals Here

Instead of plugging my own content by making an exciting ‘the gender is…’ title, I’ve decided I can’t help being a bit more honest. Yes, we found out the gender of our almost 21 week gestational age baby! But no, we won’t be disclosing that here or anywhere else to…

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One of my favourite YouTubers – partly because of my ambition to work in assisted reproduction, and everything health-related to the female body and reproduction, and partly because I’m a woman who wants to know about these things for myself – is Mama Doctor Jones. US-based obstetrician and gynaecologist (OBGyn),…

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19 Weeks + 3 Days

Apart from my reflagging of CC’s wonderful Elvie review – click here to read it, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re considering a discrete pump but are worried about that £250 price tag – I haven’t really updated in a week or so. As it’s time for a life…

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Elvie Breast Pump Review — Clever C(nt)s

I was very excited when I saw two pumps on the market that advertised being cordless and silent. What a brilliant idea! A pump that could fit in your bra and use on the go. Despite the rather painful price tag (the Elvie markets at around £250 for a single…

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5 First Trimester Must-Haves

I am around 16 weeks pregnant – I never imagined I’d get here! It’s all gone so incredibly fast. As a second trimester mum-to-be I definitely found some of the tips bombarding me on the internet useful and downright necessary to live life in the first third of pregnancy. I…

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Life After Job Loss

Did I ask for this? No. Did I want to be a stay-at-home Mum? One day. Can we afford it? Possibly. After losing my job a few weeks ago due to Covid-19’s lockdowns ending the tourist season before it even began, via a 4 week notice (technically I’m ending in…

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