Don’t Panic

Hello again, it’s been a few weeks or so hasn’t it?

I recovered from Aunt Flo fantastically last month, and neither J, the household or I have contracted any kind of cold, flu or anything to be worried about… so far.

I have however become increasingly paranoid about it. Any cough I make is definitely Covid-19, and worse still, I will die from it due to the fact that I had multiple organ failure in August last year making me vulnerable (?).

But I won’t bore you with all that, because let’s face it, we’re inundated with it every day aren’t we? Each blog post I read from my trusty gang has been Covid related, if not Covid crazy due to the postponing of IVF, IVI and other fertility procedures.

Yes, I follow a lot of those blogs, sorry not sorry.

Instead I hoped to write something about another subject, but I just don’t know what. Since my pregnant wish last month that was a complete stupid moment, I’m not sure what to write. What can I update that the world would be interested in?

Being stuck indoors you would think I could come up with some subjects to ease my mind and write about – sadly not the case.

It’s a well known fact to friends and family of mine that I have many hobbies I’d like to pursue, some of which are now swiped away from me due to that old thing… you know, the cardiac arrest stuff.

I like painting by numbers (I have some), french knitting (I need more yarn), watching Marvel (J and I are doing so, following the timeline list), playing games such as Sims, Skyrim, Fallout and World of Warcraft, walking (my Bisoprolol gets me out of breath so quickly), shopping (needs money), travelling (thanks, Covid), writing (where’s my inspiration?) and cooking (not just my house so can’t take it over).

Right now I’ve chosen to let J fiddle around with the Kawasaki and I play sims in our room. Not very energetic or cool and I’m not achieving anything but I’m not sure what else I want to do.

Is it just me who feels guilty when I do something fun but a) non-exercising, b) not achieving anything and c) without including anyone else?

Anyway, I should probably write the cardiac arrest story for the blog, so everyone knows what I’m on about, but it’s a little long winded and I’m not sure what I should be putting online or shouldn’t.

I am honestly divided when it comes to revealing identities. In a way, it might make it fun to share with friends and family my inner most thoughts, but even J doesn’t know I write about him at the moment. It kind of seems like a breach of his privacy, but I’m not naming names and really, would anyone I know ever find this blog?

I’m guessing my story might stir a few people, should they find it, to realise who I am and who J is and therefore reveal my stupid blogging inner thoughts.

Anyway, I’m rambling, this post had no point to it and my Sims are waiting.

Published by Sharnie

Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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