Welcome to ‘Words and Eggs’

I knew when starting out this blog I’d have two tricky ideas to deal with;

  1. Anonymity.
  2. Blogging Purpose.

How much do I tell you about daily life? How much should I keep to myself due to professional constraints? After all, this is meant to be a place to talk and vent about my inner-most feelings, difficult subjects and life events. But perhaps there’s some things I can’t tell you, for fear of general stigmatism or tuts and sighs from friends and family.

Then there’s goals.

I always like to have a purpose, a direction for my writing, my education and my life. Otherwise I might lose interest, and feel like I’m not achieving anything. I’m not saying I won’t discard this blog again like I have a millions times before, but, I’m ready to try!

As you may be able to tell I’ve done a blog overhaul.

Completely changing not only the name but the purpose, from one of anonymous casual chat to a more professional touch. I’ll still talk about my own life, struggles and concerns, but I hope in a more mannered way.

So, hi, I’m Sharnie.

I am 26 years old at time of writing, living in North Wales, although I am actually English (I like to say British 🇬🇧).

I have written a little about me page, along with beginning of a glossary for my continued use of acronyms and possible scientific (?) language.

Additionally, I have linked my Twitter, started a People Index for when I write about people such as my parter/boyfriend/SO/nusband whom I won’t be naming properly, and have a contact page too.

You can look ahead to more structured writing, around the professional sounding subjects of human biology, embryology, IVF, IUI, fertility, infertility, healthcare, conceiving and much more around these subjects.

In addition, I will still be discussing my personal thoughts in regard to university, further education, studying routines and family life, which I’m sure will be changing a lot in the next few years. From finding a house, creating a home to having a family.

I hope you’ll join me on this blog journey together!

Published by Sharnie

Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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