Cat Sticky Notes for University

I live in Wales, UK and if you know anything about UK Coronavirus politics, we’ve decided to stay quarantined whilst England has opened itself in a small but (possibly) too early way. I’m happy to stay at home earning 80% as I’ve got a lot of life I’m planning ahead of me considering university and getting debts down so we can get our own home, finally!

But during this time of waiting and preparing, I’ve gone and gotten myself a little, possibly undeserved, gift.

Despite the fact that I have not confirmed my Student Finance, which will be accepting applications at the end of June, I’m very much excited and enthusiastic for beginning Open University studying BSc Biology (Hons).

As a stationary enthusiast and organisation-lover, during these quiet months at home, I’ve gathered around me some excellent (in my humble opinion) stationary pieces for when I finally begin my studies.

Paperchase is my favourite shop for novelty, fun office supplies. Everything so far has been acquired from there and anything more will probably come from them too. I definitely recommend you check them out – as long as you don’t mind paying a teeny bit more for novelty cat post-it notes and 10 subject (YES, 10!) notebooks.

As well as those Paperchase goodies, my boyfriend J also ordered three surprise sticker stationary items from Meow Town, which he found via Ebay UK. They are, of course Chinese-made cheapies, but I was so shocked he bought them for me I’ve given them pride of place.

Especially the cat page markers in cardboard box – that’s adorable!

I want to focus on this pen for a minute though, as it’s fun and functional, and really, I love it. It’s not cat themed but it deserves to be looked at.

It’s got a pink fade look because it contains a pink highlighter (under the lid), a normal black ink ballpoint pen under the other cap, and inside the lid ‘hook’ – here’s the fun part – are slim pink page marking tabs you can set up for easy pulling.

How good is that?

I have a horrible feeling I’ve gone a bit mental in lockdown, but what with attempting to lose a bit of weight and get healthy, save money for future study/home, live in a packed shared house with roommates who have other opinions on what counts as ‘clean’, and ‘having a wash’, I think I have the right to treat myself!

Anyway, I digress…

This wasn’t a particularly fun post but I hope you enjoyed looking at the cat-themed items and interesting stationary. Maybe even in time for your back to school shopping..?

Thanks for reading x

Published by Sharnie

Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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