Back to Work Blues

If you want to know my thoughts on the COVID-19 situation, it’s another drop in the ocean I’m sure of posts and tweets and general chatter surrounding the subject, but it’s this; we shouldn’t be getting back to ‘normal’ yet. It’s too soon.

I know I’ve been getting bored of the news since April, even while fresh wave of sadness flowed over me when the body count got announced that day, week or month. However, that doesn’t mean I think like all those who decided to go hit the beach, ignore social distancing, and flounce about getting burnt and sand stuck up butts uncomfortably, was the right way to go about our new freedoms, people!

No, I, like the rest of Wales, preferred to take it slower and ease the lockdown a lot later. I still believe we’re going too fast even if we aren’t as fast as England, as give it a week and a half and I’ll be back in work in a small village shop relying heavily on English (and other) tourists who flock there for their holidays. I’d rather they didn’t, but they inevitably will. Bringing Covid with them presumably.

Going back to work fills me with dread. Not because I’m a hypochondriac who believes I’ll get ill instantly or because I’m particularly vulnerable, but because I’m kinda lazy and it makes logical sense to just wait a bit longer.

Yes, I admit it, being off work has been a wonderful time for me at home, finishing projects, saving (yes, somehow!) money, and spending beautiful quality time with my partner J. I don’t want this to end.

Especially not as the news announces another outbreak of Coronavirus in Angelsey, around Bangor and in Wrexham – how can they justify easing the lockdown amid this fresh batch of Covid-19??

Luckily, I’m a part-time worker and part-time student (soon, I can’t wait!!) so my workload is two maybe three full days a week, and could even be less depending on the tourist influx or lack thereof. I guess we await and see come Monday 6th July…

I am also currently awaiting the feedback and approval on my Student Finance Wales application, which, incidentally, had its own problems. I had applied and withdrew from a postgraduate course before applying for this second undergraduate, and my whole plan is riding on the approval of my application for second degree funding – they told me Biology was a funded option.

After signing up for and receiving a notification email stating that part-time funding applications were open, I eagerly logged into my account, only to find my path blocked by a message stating I already had 2020/2021 funding and could not apply for more.

Off I went to ring the finance people. The first guy had no idea why but it was wrong and told me to try again later in the week as they’d only just opened applications. I wasn’t satisfied, so an hour later I phoned again and had a second guy send me through a paper copy of the application, with a sincere-sounding opinion that the problem was a glitch that would be fixed by the end of the week.

Two weeks later and it’s still not fixed, but my application has been sent off on Tuesday and I’m dying inside wondering what the result is. And hoping I filled it in correctly.

Checking the system daily I still find it glitching out, but fingers crossed the paper copy can bypass all that. I bloody hope so. What with back to work happening very soon, that living funding will be so helpful to top up my work income. I can do both and hopefully still finish my degree in full-time mode. That is the plan anyway.

So there’s my updates for now, not a lot happening, but lots of waiting. I hope everyone else is doing okay and Covid-19 can cool it now, thanks.

Published by Sharnie

Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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