Homemade Cheese

A product reviewer would go into intense detail with their blog, but I am not a product reviewer. However, I am now going to talk about making my very own cheese at home as it’s a new hobby, using a kit from The Big Cheese Making Kit company, called The Mediterranean Cheese Making Kit.

This kit features everything (except the milk) needed to make 20 batches of cheeses, all soft cheeses, ranging from ricotta to my personal favourite halloumi. It includes vegetarian rennet tablets, citric acid, salt, 3 dried herb packets, cheesecloth, a cheese mould, food thermometer and instruction booklet.

I have made halloumi once and mozzarella twice, using traditional unhomogenised (the cream and milk unmixed) ‘gold top’ for the halloumi and one batch of mozzarella, and another batch of mozzarella with just whole milk, or ‘blue top’.

I write about this only because it’s my newest hobby, taking into account my recent post all about being a modern hippie I’ve decided I’d like to work on my self-sufficiency and create or grow my own foods, drinks and anything else I can. I’m having a lot of fun!

It really only takes the price of the milk, a little time or waiting (this kit is only soft cheeses so the longest wait would really only be an hour or two to a week), and your efforts. For the mozzarella it is not always worth making your own actually, if you’re making something using a lot of cheese. If I take an ASDA example of 250g for £1.75, 900g I have made myself would cost me £6.30, whereas my milk cost me £4.10, saving £2.00.

However, this is just an example, and I am sure you can imagine how making your own cheese with whatever delicious ingredients (and no additives!) like herbs, spices, salt, pepper, creaminess using ‘gold top’, and more can make it worthwhile for you and your family. If you purchase the cheapest mozzarella balls you can find in stores, you will save money over making your own, but I thoroughly enjoy making mine and believe with all my heart it tastes a million times better – maybe I’m biased.

I have researched by myself that I can find vegetarian rennet in tablet form and liquid form, needed for making all the cheeses, and refills of citric acid on Amazon UK. I’m also planning on making some harder cheeses which take a lot longer to age and may even need waxing to store. I found this fab website for us in the UK dedicated to cheese making and selling the goods you might want, including the wax.

In addition I found this site curd-nerd.com for all the cheese recipes you could ever want!

In future, I will be making more posts on cheesemaking as I’m quite proud of my accomplishments, especially when I go to make a hard cheese, so I’m going to share them with pride.

If you’d like to know more or want to see any steps I took to make my cheese then let me know. You can also now follow me on snapchat where I post to my story or instagram where I post pictures of the finished results.

Thanks for reading.

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Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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