A Major Countdown

It may not seem like much of a milestone, but J has finally given me the go ahead I wanted all along; I’m coming off of my Desogestrel pill!

Don’t panic! We aren’t TTC, yet, but it’s still a cause to celebrate.

So, Desogestrel is my mini-pill contraception, also known as Progesterone-only pill (POP). Since I’ve been on it, my cycles have been irratic and right now have stopped altogether – but I still get the mood swings sometimes! Frustratingly, it’s also made me put on significant weight and I’m worried it’s not just the pill but me who has done this, so coming off of the pill will hopefully get my body back in whack once the progesterone has left me and I can see where I stand health-wise.

The special date now set up as a countdown widget on my phone is September 1st. This is when I will leave the Desogestrel behind and embark on a journey to find whatever my body considers a ‘normal’ rhythm and cycle, as well as weight. My birthday is the end of that month (and J’s the week before), so I’m hoping to find I start losing a bit of weight by my impending 27th birthday!

This is all very boring to most of you, I’m sure, but it’s all eventually in aid of trying to conceive one day when we get ourselves sorted. I am forever impatient, as noted before now, but I understand the cautionary steps we’ve taken.

See this post for reference…

The pill, however, seems unnecessary now as we are both happy to use other methods and if an accident did happen, so be it. I know better than many how difficult getting pregnant can be! So why not celebrate the little accident if fate decides that is the way we move forward? Unintentional, but still wanted.

When we finally do TTC officially, I hope to be in the best health I can, weight, hydration, diet and exercise routines to help conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. I really can’t wait.

In fact, I’ve actually just followed some TTC community grams on Instagram and joined Netmums. To my embarrassment, when J saw my laptop screen one afternoon. I’ve also been virtual shopping for nursery items and absolute essentials, compiling lists for free goodies to newly pregnant and postnatal Mums, and basically have a good organising and planning fest.

What all of this planning has conjured in me is a huge amount of anxiety for our future and our kids.

What if I dislike them? If they’re ugly (yes, I did worry about this stupidly)? If I get post-natal depression? I regret having children? It’s too soon? Too late? We’re too unprepared? What if they turn into right little terrors? How do I discipline them (I’m terrible at that with the dogs even)? Do I go back to work? My parents are so far away what if there’s no money for childcare? All these worries are suddenly very prominent!

J has basically taken a big step with me to say we cut out my pill to prepare ourselves to try to conceive one day soon. This is real. Really real.

And I’m excitedly terrified!



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stopping the pill

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