Moving Out, On and Up

I told myself I would wait to write this in our new home, a sweet and simple two bedroom (TTC here we come!) cottage in North Wales, and it’s number 13! Sadly time has ticked on, and although we have secured the house, we are only a little closer to moving in. Bummer.

Let’s recap – I’m finally off of my Desogestrel, yay! As of the 1st September, 5 days of pill-free living has occurred and, boy, has it shown. I don’t know if this is normal but my stress and anxiety (not helped by all the moving and packing, planning etc) has gone so far up. I’m so anxious, so self-critical, and can’t keep my mood on a level for long.

TMI: I haven’t had a withdrawal bleed yet, which I am expecting within two weeks. At the same time, we are hoping electrics, carpets and windows are all done for our move at the same time. What terrible timing! Aunt Flo and a stressful move.

Turns out our new landlords are the ex-landlords of my aunt and uncle, and I’ve known them since I was about 7. They’ve been extra kind and let us move things in early even though the house isn’t completely ready. I’m so thankful.

Also fortunately, my parents have managed to join us here in Wales for their two week holiday and may be able to help the move. I’m so excited! I’ve got so many plans!

We’re eagerly eyeing up things to buy in all the shops that are open, and making lists of all that we will need.

Coronavirus has of course made us all wary of new people and places, especially with all of us trying to be around together safely, but it’s an exciting time for me right now and my anxiety wont stop reminding me there’s so much to do/buy/find.

Not only is this all happening, but September is the month I can start looking at all my University course work and start preparing. I haven’t got my pc set up yet! It’s all been packed. So I’m panicking about that too.

It’s house, TTC, University, this holiday, Aunt Flo, finding things we need to live, budgeting and a new phone (yep, I caved and upgraded!!). My anxiety can’t handle all this!

I put off this post because I wanted to explain this all in detail, intelligently, and without rambling. I guess I’ve failed, but once we move I’ll do a proper update with pictures and all. I don’t think I could help myself!

Published by Sharnie

Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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