Finally, We’re In!

After what feels like the longest wait, I can finally update you on our own little piece of heaven. J and I have moved into our small, but deceivingly spacious, two bedroom cottage. We are just renters of course, but having known the landlady previously really helped secure this place for ourselves.

It’s perfectly imperfect. Beams across the ceiling, an odd shaped kitchen, narrow stairs and a landing that makes you feel drunk when you walk along it because the floor isn’t straight. We had new electrics, new carpets, new paintwork and a shower installed all before we came in. It’s wonderful.

Even as I write I’m sitting at my desk at the back of the lounge, beams above me, a bay window looking out to the world to the left of me. How beautiful. How quaint is this.

I’ve just finished pinning our New Home cards to the main beam in here, an added decoration. We’ve had halloween yesterday, and a toothy pumpkin face is staring out the window at passersby, whilst a googly-eyed mini pumpkin does the same next to it. Halloween has been and gone, all the whilst a lockdown here in Wales plods on. We didn’t notice it, as we spent all our time setting our house up. In fact, it’s been helpful for us. J has spent time here instead of at work due to the lockdown, and it means we’ve been able to work of things.

Soon it’ll be time to tackle the garden out the back. A tiny patio space just for ourselves.

I’ve begun Open University in earnest, as I didn’t have internet until the second Wednesday in here. Cutting it very short so I couldn’t catch up very easily, I spent the first few days online glued to my notebooks. But it was worth it.

I’m now working on my Biology degree, turning this house into a home, and of course, eyeing up that spare room we have as a nursery. Soon. My inner voice says soon.

I made pumpkin pie yesterday, which turned out a little less like my mother’s beautiful pies, but still delicious to myself and J. With a little pumpkin motif with the extra pastry! I can’t do small portions of anything, ever.

It’s been thoroughly ransacked, and there’ll be leftovers for days, but I can’t help feeling accomplished with my feat of household and cookery prowess. Having a home has never felt so right. I’m too much of a housewife already. Minus the wife part!

We’ll be planting veggies this coming spring, from carrots and potatoes to tomatoes and pumpkins ready for next Halloween. I want to make this as much of a little welsh cottage dream as it can be. We’ll bring a child into this world here, after all, my mind keeps saying. It’s going to be our home for a few years at least.

So here’s to this little part of the welsh land we call home, and to the future! x

Published by Sharnie

Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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