Prenatal Yoga

The NHS states that you should not try to lose weight during pregnancy if you’re overweight, it won’t help and may even be detrimental, but to keep active.

On Bisoprolol I find myself perpetually out of breath when doing anything cardio-related. I’m not tired or struggling in my muscles to do the moves, but my breath just won’t go fast enough to fill my lungs. I believe this is due to bisoprolol being a beta-blocker, preventing as much adrenaline from being released, meaning your heart rate, and therefore oxygen getting around your body, to be much, much slower.

Cardio, or at least the classic treadmill, stationary bike or ‘circuit training’, is out of the question for me, so I’ve been walking as much as I can, and taken up home yoga.

Now that I’m in the second trimester of pregnancy and no longer such a slave to nausea and (as much) tiredness, I’ve found an excellent channel of prenatal yoga workouts and a favourite prenatal, no equipment, bodyweight 30 minute routine I’ve regularly been doing when my partner isn’t home. I thought I’d share these in case they were useful to any of you.

I love this one, she’s so encouraging without being preachy. Thank you, Amy.

My first is the Tabata bodyweight video, 30 minutes in length and Amy is very nice, letting you know easier and harder options depending on how fit you are already. Tabata is a 20 second workout followed by 10 second rest scheme which fits well with my out-of-breath always body!

My second choice is a whole channel dedicated to pregnancy and postpartum yoga videos. Some workouts are simple and slow, easy and breezy and others can really have an impact – but without pushing too hard! Check out this channel trailer:

Not only for fitness, but also preparing body and mind for labour.

Preparation for labour features extensively in this channel with moves and workouts tailored to opening and stretching the hips and muscles required for labour. In addition, preparing your mind by imagining the labour process and putting you at ease for when the time comes (allegedly – I’ll let you know how it goes!!).

I’ll be doing these routines all the way until I give birth and beyond, so I decided to share them with you all. I hope it’s helpful for someone.

I’ll let you know how labour goes and if it helped – haha!

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