5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms

For any TTC (trying to conceive) woman, man or couple there’s so much Googling you can’t help but do. ‘Weird pregnancy symptoms’, ‘Is ____ a pregnancy symptom?’, and ‘definite list of pregnancy symptoms’ dominated my history.

But what I really wanted was to hear the evidence from the Mums themselves. Even if it was wishful thinking, false memory, or even coincidence, I wanted to KNOW exactly what they felt in early pregnancy, because it felt more real to me than a list on a random health website.

So here it is, my list of five symptoms I felt (or think I felt – ha!) during the Two Week Wait to test. And let me reassure you, I am most certainly pregnant, so I can vouch for these as truth!

  1. Increased Cervical Mucus 💦

    If you understand cervical mucus, or CM, it changes throughout your cycle. Here’s a great, no-nonsense (but possibly TMI) post for explaining different types of CM. Don’t be afraid to know all you can about this!
    During my TWW I found I had a lot more of this CM appearing in my underwear – I’m not one for swiping my finger across myself to see the mucus, I prefer to see it in my underwear, just a personal preference. This was both egg white and clear, much like the ovulation mucus, and sometimes creamy white in colour, but more than usual for me.

  2. Mild Nausea (When Hungry) 🤢

    I found throughout my first trimester that I’ve gotten nauseous when I’m hungry and empty, so snacking on bread sticks or crackers was a must to stave off the sick feeling in my stomach. I never actually was sick, thankfully, but this feeling was present towards the end of my TWW and made me wonder…

  3. Low Abdominal Cramping ⚡️

    A cruel trick to make cramping a sign of pregnancy as well as Aunt Flow! But I did find a very mild cramp, much lower down than I expected, appeared during my two week wait. I knew it was too early for Flow, but it still confused me. Don’t rely on this one though, it’s a tricky horror sometimes to know it was all Aunt Flow in the end!

  4. Easily Irritated 😤

    Once again a tricky customer. Getting easily irritated by little things is a symptom of her majesty, Aunt Flow, and while I do get this in normal cycles it appeared again when I conceived. So don’t be put out if you experience it!

  5. Noxious Gas! 💨

    This last one was AWFUL! During the beginning of the first trimester my gas was unbelievable, and I still get a lot of burps on the go sometimes even now. It was how bad it smelt that got me, I was sure I hadn’t eaten a mountain of sprouts, and the gas was the number one main symptom for me.
    Typical! Not even a fun one or the classic sickness, just smelly, bloating gas! Be on the lookout for this sign, and it really ended up hurting when I tried to hold some of it back. My partner must have been gagging by the morning, thank goodness he has a terrible sense of smell. And in the end, I could prove it wasn’t me, it was the babies fault – hallelujah!

So there you have it, the 5 symptoms I experienced during my TWW which resulted in a pregnancy. I hope these help somebody, somewhere.

Mountains of baby dust to you all x

Published by Sharnie

Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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