Finding Free Baby Items

As a first time Mum-to-be, I had absolutely no baby items of my own to reuse for this pregnancy and birth. Having family who have had children lately, letting wonderful friends who get excited for you go mad, and utilising Facebook Marketplace with zest and vigour has landed us at 15 weeks with mountains of brilliant goodies!

If you’re stuck and confused with how to find decent baby items at low, low (sometimes free) prices, this is my definitive of list of finds so far. I hope they help you with baby-item-hunting too.

1. Goodies from Family

This secondhand IKEA cot, courtesy of my brother and sister-in-law is perfect to begin with, with complimentary Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer & bottles, plus Tippee Bottle Steriliser and a pair of baby monitors (Camera x2 because they had two little ones) totally for free. My Mum has gone into overdrive, using Ebay to find Newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 months of baby clothing, blankets and muslins totally for free to me as well, but paid for by her. She’s currently searching now for a changing table – bless our Mums!!

She’s decided the Doorway Baby Bouncer my brother’s children used is good enough to give us now too, and is also searching specifically for 3-6 month old sleep suits.

2. Gifts from Friends

A secondhand beautiful Clare de Lune crib with mattress, with a new Blanket and Bunny Blanket laying inside was so kindly gifted to us by one of J’s friends, also a mother, who looks just as excited as we are for the new arrival! She also bought us brand new Baby Clothing and Baby Accessories (Socks, Bibs, Hats etc) all totally for free.

J’s oldest and best friends sent a pretty Christmas parcel, which included an adorable fox hat and fox socks for newborns. J is pretty obsessed with foxes, and I love toadstools, so we blend the two and decided on a forest nursery theme so that’s where these fox items come in.

3. Hunting Facebook Marketplace

J has been on the ball these last few weeks, but at first it was me getting the Facebook Search on where I found this Venti Pram/Push Chair (Not including the Car Seat) secondhand for £20. Hardly used, and a very neutral navy blue, this pram also folds down into a push chair when needed. We can buy additional clips in oder to strap a car seat onto it too, so for £20 it was a no brainer.

We also found many, many mums on FB Marketplace are literally giving away clothing and accessories. The same lady with the pram has given us a selection of baby towels (cute hooded towel included) and a baby bath. As well as her, we discovered a mountain of Baby Clothes, Muslins, two Grobags (sleeping bags), a ‘New Mum’ Sanctuary Spa set and baby accessories like mittens and bibs all for free from another local lady. She threw in leftover newborn nappies, size 2 and size 3 nappies, swim size 2/3 nappies and a waterproof swim nappy as well! You really can’t fault mothers for being prepared, and incredibly generous. She even slipped in some maternity pads for me, saying “You’ll need these trust me”, winking as she did so.

4. Free Baby Packs

As well as hunting online for goodies from other Mums I’ve also landed a few goodies from businesses along the way. I would recommend, even just to get these free packs, downloading and installing two apps – Bounty and Emma’s Diary – in order to redeem the free vouchers for three packs on each. Both apps have three bags on offer, and both (if memory serves) can be picked up at your local Boots for three stages of your pregnancy and birth of your baby. Thankfully we have one Boots in town! You get vouchers and sample sizes of common baby products such as Pregnacare and Sudocrem. Why not? It’s free!

In Summary

I do want to stress that all this shopping and item-buying has either been local (during food shopping if bought and ‘we can walk to there’ local people) or sent by family. We know how Covid-19 has affected our family, let alone others in more constricted areas, and are trying to be as careful as possible to stop the spread. Masks at all times, put into wash as soon as we get home or wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes is a must. You just never know.

That being said, this haul has made me incredibly grateful to ALL our family and friends, for their help and understanding as well as the material goods that will be lifesavers come the birth. We are truly blessed!

Here’s hoping you can have just as much success as I have. Happy hunting everyone.

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Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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