5 First Trimester Must-Haves

I am around 16 weeks pregnant – I never imagined I’d get here! It’s all gone so incredibly fast. As a second trimester mum-to-be I definitely found some of the tips bombarding me on the internet useful and downright necessary to live life in the first third of pregnancy.

I decided to write down my personal top five items and products I found the most useful. There are links here to the ones I specifically bought. I’d like to point out this is my opinion, so depending on each person it may be different for you. I help it helps someone.

So here they are;

Breadsticks 🥖

Sounds dumb, right? The humble breadstick. What could he do that would possibly help a newly pregnant mum feel normal again? Well, I’ll let you know that that nausea was killing me by week 8, and it happened when I my stomach was empty. Keeping snacks nearby was a must when I felt sick a mere 2 hours after eating a meal. Breadsticks, crackers, snacks that don’t kick up the calories and fat content are just handy dandy and perfect for those moments. Be warned: I found myself using Marmite as a dip straight from the jar, though…

500ml+ Water Bottle 💧

Not only does the water help keep the full feeling going, but it also means you’ll hopefully get enough water during the day if you drag it everywhere with you. I forgot, and indeed suffered, when I didn’t drink enough. And it’s only when I sacrificed my already tiny bladder to the altar of constant water sips did I feel a little peppier and my skin liked me again. You might want to stay near a loo however…

Minimal Makeup Kit 💋

This might sound mad, but hear me out. If you don’t wear much makeup at all, then you already do this. To makeup connoisseurs it might seem unlikely, but some days you literally feel like your skin hates you (thank you hormones sending me back to my teenage years) and other days you just need the quickest fix for your face before you need to drag yourself back to bed, or the sofa I named second bed, because you’re so tired and cranky. Having a tiny, 5 item or less kit with you that you can do a good basic look with is key. You know this look, you like it, and you can do it in, like, 5 minutes. This is the look you need on days like these. An hour faffing about and another hour on hair? Yeah, no.

Maternity Leggings 👖

Get these in early. Hell, get these even before you start seeing any progress of your tummy. I found pretty early on that the jeans I could happily squeeze into just felt horrid, even when I didn’t look or seem any bigger. That tummy is precious now, and having some decent maternity leggings, soft touch and so stretchy, is amazing. It’s all I wore for the last few weeks and I’m in them just as I type this. I don’t even know how I could have worn the monstrosity that is hard, tight, solid jeans at any point in my life. Waistline? You mean under-my-breasts line.

Maternity ‘U’ Pillow 😴

As a devout front sleeper, I couldn’t for the life of me get my head around how uncomfortable sleeping on my side would really be. I crave to lie on my front! No can do, for at least 6 months more, as even with a tiny tummy I still found it too strange to lie tummy downwards in my usual pose. Here’s where the U-pillow comes in! Your partner may feel like there’s a wall between the two of you, and there is! It’s a giant pillow wall, where you can lie one arm under, one on top, head resting on the top of the U and plenty of pillow down between your legs. It feels quite comfy, and quite comfy is the best you’re going to get when you’re growing a human.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 must-haves for the first trimester. Some of them will filter into the second and third for sure, mainly the water bottle and pillow! But for now, that’s my top tips to get comfy and happy during this fabulously wobbly time. There’s no other way to describe it.

Published by Sharnie

Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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