19 Weeks + 3 Days

Apart from my reflagging of CC’s wonderful Elvie review – click here to read it, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re considering a discrete pump but are worried about that £250 price tag – I haven’t really updated in a week or so.

As it’s time for a life update and I feel like rambling a bit, here goes…

J and I have decided that we are finding out the gender.

Yes, it’s our first child and I really don’t mind as long as they’re healthy! However, I have some extra growth scans due to being on Bisoprolol, which could effect baby’s growth. J is not allowed in for those extra scans, and I’m concerned I could see more than I bargained for in those scans following 28 weeks!

How awful would it feel to either lie to J and pretend I don’t know, or pop home and break the news that I found out without him there? No, we decided we would find out together, if we can, and save this silly worry even being possible. The twist is, we aren’t telling anyone else if we can help it.

Our original 12 week scan - hoping for a better one this time!

My 20 week scan is on the 17th February 2021, called the anomaly scan, and I’m looking forward with trepidation to this moment. As with every scan I’ve been concerned I can’t feel movement yet (although some tummy rumbles feel remarkably different.. but am I just wishful thinking?) and that the doppler found a heartbeat but anything could have happened by now and how would I know?

Everything seems normal and fine, except the obvious changes for COVID regulations. Having never been pregnant before this I have no comparison, so it doesn’t bother me much. Only that J is left out sometimes like the midwife with the doppler – that was sad not to have him there to hear the beat and have the little kicks and movement sounds explained as I heard them.

Aside from this, I’ve also been getting nauseous again these last few days. I even was sick for the first time this pregnancy the other day, having not eaten for too long in the morning while trying to have a nice lounge in bed together watching (‘researching’) with One Born Every Minute. Turns out, there is a limit to how long my tummy is happy to remain empty after waking, and I took it too far. But the nausea keeps reappearing, and I’m wondering can baby’s movements make this happen or is it just a redux of the first trimester?

Open University is going well still, two modules side by side is taking a little toll but nothing I can’t handle at the moment what with no job and plenty of indoors time, courtesy of lockdown and the cold. I’ve been buying nursery decorations, like decals, and arranging furniture. We managed to snap up two fabric wardrobes for the combined price of under £10 on Amazon before the item was swiftly listed as ‘unavailable’ which to me means, “we accidentally listed them as £4.99 and not £44.99”. Trust me, they’re pretty good. Metal framed and triple layered. Pretty sturdy even on our old Welsh wooden wonky floors and wobbly walls. Check Argos if you’re not convinced of the prices of these things!

I know myself that these items are not perfect. Who dreams of a fabric wardrobe for their little one when you can find matching three or four piece nursery sets with carved hearts in them all over the internet? It’s just, we don’t have loads of money. And I keep thinking they’re only a baby. If we can start with this we can find better quality and nicer items for less when we’re really needing them. For now, it’s perfect, and well within budget to allow for more extravagant necessary items – like the car seat I’ve yet to buy.

So that’s todays update, nothing much else to say until a week tomorrow – the scan. I’ll be updating with that and hoping for a much nicer scan photo than our previous 12 week one. If everything is fine I will rest easy for another week or so until the nerves kick in again.

Until then, have a wonderful day.

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