Pregnant Driving Lessons

Thank the NHS for their diligence, determination and utter selflessness for allowing this all to become possible.

Yes, by 12 April 2021 not only can the world of Wales begin to rapidly reopen for tourism, shopping, hairdressing and me finally seeing my parents while pregnant (seriously, they haven’t seen me once while I’ve been pregnant), I can also take my car driving test!

I’ve been on the books up at the North coast of Wales for a short course (about a week, give or take) ending in a driving test for months. Due to COVID this hasn’t been able to take place, but since the recent updates from our government, my future instructor has contacted me.

As a second trimester pregnant woman I had to inform him of the situation and am eagerly awaiting news of when, where and how I can pursue this driving test. I’m assuming sadly that once I get around 37 weeks of pregnancy they will not allow me to get lessons or tests with them, since it may be a risk of me going into labour while driving!

I am secretly hoping I can fit in the assessment, which they assess how good I am now and let me knowhow many hours they think I will need, and the week long course with final test before I become a Mum, and sit in that driving test with belly on full display. I’ve had a friend tell me they were very pregnant when they took theirs and she thinks they pitied her for it and gave her a fairer chance.

Maybe they feared the wrath of a heavily pregnant woman baring down when she needed to pass for her baby’s sake!? Imagine the carnage she could get away with by just saying ‘pregnancy hormones did it’ after being failed?

Taking a driving test was once my worst fear.

I never, ever imagined I could sit in a driving seat again and try for the fifth time to pass.

Four times I have failed this driving test, down South East England at the age of 17 before I went off to University.

I have never cried so much in my life except each time I failed my driving test. I’m not even kidding when I tell you it triggered my anxiety and put me on anti-anxiety medication Fluoxetine for a good almost 10 years. I couldn’t even talk about taking a driving test without the beginnings of tears in my eyes.

I’m in a better place now, thank goodness. Surrounded by positivity and happiness for the future, so I hope even if anxiety takes hold during that test, I fail, or I pass but feel way too anxious to drive often, I can find my way out of that horrible depressive hole that is anxiety.

I have been told, although it may be a myth, that many instructors are given a limit to how many people they can pass in a day/week. This myth is always circulated and I’m not sure I believe it because, well how could they fail someone who does it all right? How could anyone give fake failures out? It doesn’t make sense in my mind.

But if this was the case, surely a heavily pregnant woman, needing this for her baby because she can’t drive right now and it’s pretty vital, have a really good chance of being passed? Because who wouldn’t feel like she needs this more than anyone right now? This is what I am hoping for, selfishly!

Let my pregnancy be my lucky charm in the struggle for driving tests!


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Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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