The 3rd Trimester

As I type, I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and 1 day. I am marvelling at how quickly time has passed, even with days dragging by stuck at home due to lockdowns and restrictions.

We are almost finished with the nursery, a cot scheduled to be picked up (again, secondhand as we love to reuse and find bargains!) tomorrow, and only finishing touches like a rug, a blind and an ottoman box to store already gifted/bought/given toys and useful gadgets that have no home as of yet, to go.

The crib has been installed next to my side of the bed, a secondhand classic rocking cot, which doesn’t fit as nicely as I would have liked at my bedside due to the small space we have, but nevertheless will do it’s job perfectly well. We’ve even bought the cot and crib mattresses and covers, even going as far as to buy them ‘protectors’. Although, what good they will really do is yet to be seen.

I am feeling rather calm and looking forward to my labour and the birth, with an Obstetrician appointment for tomorrow during which I will ask what their protocol for caesarean is. I know I am more likely to be sent down this route due to my heart condition, which is fine by me, i’ve had my stay in ICU before and had many horrific things attached to/on/in me to worry about a surgery as ‘routine’ as caesarean. (Not to downplay the seriousness of it, it’s definitely a major surgery! Only one that many people have and the doctors are well-versed in.)

Are my chances of having a C-section 90/100 or more like 50/50 or less? Because if it’s pretty damn high I think I might just schedule it in now. What’s the point in getting my hopes up, not allowing them to prepare properly, and also turning it into a possible emergency c-section scenario when we could all just be prepared? What do you think?


I’m feeling the tiredness tenfold now, needing what I call a ‘nap’ in the afternoons. I can’t actually nap, as falling asleep in daytime always leave me groggy and worse-for-wear overall, but I rest my eyes and my body and MY GOD do I love my new nursing chair. I spent half the afternoon in it today, wrapped in my maternity pillow and a blanket, legs atop the yoga ball for a footrest. It felt marvellous.

Apart from tiredness, my lung capacity seems very diminished, not least of all because of the bump, but also my normal lack of lung capacity from my heart condition/medication. This is something I will DEFINITELY be bringing upmost-recovery from the birth. I need to know – is it medication? Or my lungs damaged? Is there a fix? And, crucially, is there some kind of diagnosis I can carry around to prove this is the case? Because there may be some financial or health support available.

To conclude, I am now tired, legs and feet a little swollen, my health generally fine but could be better. However, I’m not so worse for wear that I am complaining. I am so grateful to be here. Not long to go.

Published by Sharnie

Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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