The ‘Weight Worry’ Cycle

YouTube is playing Supersize vs. Superskinny in the background, I’m Googling the NHS Weight Loss Plan and looking into hypnotherapy for weight loss. It must be that time again…

The Weight Worry Cycle (as I have named it) happens every few months or so for me, during which time I look at pictures of people who lost weight, naturally slim people, and Google every possible way of dieting without dieting.

I love food. When I am hungry, I make more than I should make for a single portion for myself. And when I do, I eat it all, because guilt makes me finish every bite.

Every single bite. And now I have an idea!

This time, because we have all been there on diets, I have a *new* plan. I am documenting this idea in my blog so that I have a little bit of public support and comeback on my plan. I will update here to tell you how it is going, and definitely make a post about how it will work when I have my baby – because that is a major change in my life that definitely will disrupt everything!

Sharnie’s Weight Management Plan

Eat Less, More Often!

BreakfastAM SnackLunchPM SnackMain Meal
Small MealSmall SnackSmall MealSmall SnackMedium Meal
Fish dish
Pasta dish
Tortilla dish
Examples of the meals or snacks I might have. Eat about every 3 hours.

This might sound like a strange way of dealing with my portion sizes, but I know in myself I’ve always ‘waited’ from guilt for the time I ‘should’ be eating, i.e. Breakfast time, Lunch time and evening time is always at the right times… and deviating makes me feel guilty. What for? If I’m hungry I should eat, or else fall into the trap of bigger portions because I’m so hungry and longer waits for my body between food.

My meal plan is just an example, but I’m thinking more small snacks and less big portions each meal might help me keep the whole amount throughout the day down. Who knows?

I’m going to be trying to do this from now onwards, discounting special days and events, or days in which I cannot eat every 3 hours such as during my labour/delivery and early days of my baby.

Does anyone else go through cycles like this? Where you feel determined and motivated but ultimately lose interest because you’re not losing the weight or even that the food you eat is just not satisfying you, and you fail. Then you get confident enough to think ‘bugger this diet’ and give up. I do this over an over. This is what I call the ‘Weight Worry’ Cycle.

So this time it is not a diet as such, it’s a change of pace. I can’t believe I’m even thinking about weight loss and wanting to look like people online when I’m 7-8 months pregnant. What is wrong with enjoying my nice bump? Nothing. Yet I can’t get the worry of my weight out of my head right now. So this is my very tentative, possibly unhelpful plan.

What do you think of my ‘diet’? Would this work? Have you ever tried a ‘diet’ like this? Let me know below!

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Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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