2nd/3rd Trimester Must-Haves

For myself, the second and third trimesters of pregnancy have rolled into one. Possibly due to the fact that time just flies when you’re preparing for a baby and you know time is limited, but also because of the many appointments I have had on the way, making daily countdowns of ‘weeks to go’ a thing from the first trimester because I was so… damn… busy.

I did a previous 5 First Trimester Must-Haves post and here is my follow up.

If you’d like to see the previous 5 essentials on my pregnancy journey, or anything else about my early pregnancy, then I’ve selected a few posts to show here if you want a quick link.

Since I haven’t quite popped yet, I’m still technically in my third trimester. So here’s another link with my Birth Plan, which will be cross-referenced when I finally do give birth to see what happened, what changed and why. Spoiler: Probably not a lot will go to plan!

So without further blabbing, here are my 5 must have items or products for the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

‘Your’ Chair 🪑

Be it a dedicated, newly bought, relaxer 6000 epic chair, a humble comfy chair from your nana’s old house, or a secondhand rocking nursing chair (with missing footstool like we found). A chair that is just for you – comfort as the highest priority you could *almost* sleep completely comfortably in it – is a must.

Why? Because you’ll get tired. REALLY, REALLY tired. And somehow all the pillows in the world won’t do, and you need a very specific pillow with this particular blanket and your partner will hate that is covers the sofa and you’ll hate when he moves this perfection of a comfort you made yesterday and it’s not worth the hassle. Get your own chair, and live in it. Trust me.

All the Snacks 🥨

Remember the breadsticks to stave off nausea in the first trimester? Well, the nausea might have gone (I’m so sorry if it hasn’t), but now you’ll find yourself perpetually hungry. Not ravenous, just on the snack hunt almost all the time.

So be prepared, buy those ‘healthy’ biotic yoghurt drinks and fruit bars, get a stash of easy, grab and go snacks and portion them out. Olives, nuts, dried fruits, popcorn, rice cakes, Options hot chocolate for that low calorie chocolate fix (seriously I love this stuff, expensive but worth it), and any other small, portionable snack you can find.

A Project/Game/Book 👾

For a lot of women, working as much as possible as close to the due date as possible is a normal occurrence. But for some, maternity leave starts earlier than intended or, since Covid-19, they already worked from home and are getting so bored. Finding things to do in the pregnancy downtime that won’t tire you out too much but still leaves you feeling accomplished each day is a blessing.

For myself, I play The Sims 4, blog here, and am finishing my Open University modules just now. These have kept me going and feeling like I’m not just a massive blob demanding food every 10 minutes, living in my pyjamas and messing up the house for my partner as I lug myself around, tiredly.

Non-Wired Bras & Extenders 👙

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in the wrong size bra, and sadly, your breasts are going to be changing a lot in this time. From start to finish you may find yourself 2 sizes up in both cup and width, but this doesn’t happen at once. So if you’ve been proactive and bought a load of bras in preparation… be prepared to wait, and need an in between size for a while before you get to your ‘final form’.

Even now, as I come up to finishing my third trimester, my breasts have still not got into final form. When the milk comes on postnatal, they’ll change again. So, I would recommend getting a one size up in both cup and width non-wired bra, then wait and see what size nursing/maternity bra you need later. And buy up those bra extenders as much as you can – they’re a godsend for keeping your purchases usable!

A Pregnancy App 📲

As much as you think you’ll be keeping such a good count on the days and weeks of pregnancy, life is also happening around you. From appointments, to family events, to emergencies and holidays, there will be times when tracking your pregnancy day by day falls to the wayside. You don’t forget your pregnant -but how many weeks am I now? Which trimester am I in? How long do I have to go!?

My go-to pregnancy app is the simplest one yet, and is literally just the app I used to track my period pre-pregnancy. I adore it’s simplicity because so many others can be bogged down with unnecessary app screen extras. The extras are there on this one, but behind other tabs and links, so I don’t have to sift through all that before seeing my week and day count, my baby size compared with fruit and veggies (adorable), and the ability to track my symptoms.

Seriously, check out Period Tracker, My Calendar on Google, and on Apple App Store. It’s simple, pretty cartoon designs are adorable and I can’t recommend it enough for both period tracking, trying to conceive and this pregnancy. It even has an option now to click a bit button saying “My baby was born!” which is scary as hell, but at 35 weeks that’s entirely possible!

As an alternative, I also use Pregnancy+ (Google, Apple) sometimes to add a little more information, and to see the 3D spinning image of my baby – wow!

So there you have it, my 5 essentials for the second and third trimester of pregnancy. They may differ to other peoples, but these are the things I needed. Special mention goes out to the pregnancy belt I use sometimes to help my back, but it isn’t essential to everyone, and really, I just have awful posture when sitting at my desk – oops.

I’d also like to mention my pregnancy pillow is now relegated to the nursing chair I spend my tired moments in, and it wraps perfectly around me to make it the comfiest, cosiest place to sit in the house. Instead of that in the bed, I use a v-pillow we’ve had since forever – a perfect substitute that means my partner J and I can still snuggle and he doesn’t have to move the entire wall of pillow between us to do so.

Thanks for reading!

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