University Year 1 is Over!

At 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant, with an induction on the very near horizon (more about that soon!), I have officially submitted my Open University S112 remote exam paper at 10:43 am today.

I am ecstatic to say I have finished my two 60 credit modules (so 120 in total – the same as a full time degree year) for the summer, and am looking ahead to year number 2 at Open University in October. With a baby swiftly on the way, I am going to pair down next year to just a 60 credit year, taking on half the work this year has brought me.

With confidence that I have passed, needing only 12 marks in this exam to qualify as a pass, I am very happy to settle now into full-time mum preparation and duties.

I will admit, this exam took me by surprise at how ‘easy’ I found it. In reality, in any normal year, this exam would have taken place at a location with a 3 hour time limit and no notes available to use. As it stood these last 3 days, we were all able to take 3 days (ending 23:59 Wednesday 9 June) to submit our paper using an open book policy.

I found several members of the OU S112 group on Facebook lamenting the difficulty of this paper, not because it was hard as an open book exam, but because had it have been a 3 hour time limit with no notes, none of us would have done well. I’m certain they have changed the format – but I’m so grateful for the remoteness of the exam for allowing me the time and resources to do well. Because I know I can, given the right environment, and an exam hall unfamiliar to me, with a time limit and no notes, is not the environment I would thrive in!

Having done a year with Open University, and a full time year at that, I would definitely recommend the OU to anyone wanting to retrain, study for fun or for a change of career, and anyone who has never studied. As someone who has previously attained a bachelors degree, I understand better how university works and there is a lot less to learn about referencing, the format of essays and papers, and the library system for example. However, there is plenty of help and advice available, plus the continued support from fellow students who are happy to both ask and answer all those ‘silly’ questions (spoiler: no question is silly when you’re new to this).

I would fully recommend studying with the Open University to anyone. Thank you for a great first year, and looking forward to my next biology-specific modules next year.

Hurry up and open the student finance pages please!

(Yes, you can get finance for the OU!)

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Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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