39 Weeks Pregnant

It’s been a few weeks since my last personal pregnancy update, and even that was a test of the new ‘Story Post’ WordPress has introduced. A lot and simultaneously not a lot has happened since!

To recap, I went in for a routine (for me, I get extra) measurements ultrasound scan for the purposes of making sure my heart medication hasn’t reduced foetal growth as it can. Unfortunately on this particular day the measurements went below the 5th percentile of the growth chart. If you need an explanation of percentiles and what it all means, so did I, and you can find a quick guide here.

Upon hearing this news my Obstetrician decided we would very likely be headed for induction after 37 weeks, because it could mean baby isn’t getting the adequate nutrition etc he or she needs to thrive and grow as per the growth curve we normally see. Better to whip them out, get them seen to and accurately be able to track exactly what is going in to baby, so we know they are getting enough rather than hoping.

I had another basic scan to make sure blood flow through the cord was adequate and that there were no obvious problems with baby such as the heart rate being low or high, or anything like that. All came back clear and I was booked for a second ultrasound for foetal growth two weeks from the last.

I got myself geared up for an induction because my doctor had been pretty firm that we would go this route.

My ‘Panic Stations! Induction Incoming!’ Ultrasound was a DUD!

Upon getting a second thorough ultrasound, which took a much longer time as baby’s head was down low and getting the right angle of measurement was difficult (and uncomfortable for me!), it showed that actually, baby is measuring right on the curve.

Nobody said it out loud, but this news meant to me that the previous ultrasound scan had either been rushed, with less effort made to get the ‘right angle’ to measure as baby was head down then too, poorly executed, or simply an anomaly in calculations.

Baby is measuring fine! So what does this mean?

It means I’m 39 weeks pregnant today, my birth plan has not been discussed with my midwife or anybody as she was on holiday and induction was planned anyway, and I’m kind of left to fend for myself.

Not that I mind, but with no birth plan discussed at 39 weeks, no more appointments until one lone ultrasound scan again set after my due date (Yes, after. A week after. I have no idea who decided that was necessary), I now have no doctor to see, no midwife appointments, no birth plan set, and only a vague idea of what they want me to be doing once labour starts.

I’ve given up trying to ring them all, I just get told I’ll be contacted if needed, so that’s that.

Stay tuned for baby birth updates I guess! Watch this space.

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Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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