Grants for Parents who Study

Parents Learning Allowance and the Childcare Grant are two wonderful pots of money for those, like myself since the birth of A, who are both parents and trying to study for a degree at a Welsh university (Open University counts, it’s base in Cardiff I believe, because it’s studying from home in Wales).

The breakdown of eligibility for both of these is thus;

Childcare Grant

Pays for the childcare fees, up to a certain amount, that you incur when you place your child into childcare in order to go study. This grant requires written documentation of where, when and how much the fees for your child’s care will be for the entire studying year.

Parents Learning Allowance

Depends on your household income, does not require you to be putting your child into childcare to qualify, and depends on the intensity of your course (e.g. part-time 50% workload over a ‘normal’ university year).

For both, you need to be applying through Student Finance Wales, as this is where you will be getting your loans, grants and bursaries paid from. Neither of these grants need to be paid back, and they’re easy to apply for once you have all the necessary documents, i.e. your child’s birth certificate, child benefit letter, childcare letter of fees. It can be done all online in your normal university finance application, or separately in a printed version of the application forms.

I myself have applied for Parents Learning Allowance in light of having a baby and one I care for full time now, and will be getting my response soon.

There is so much out there for anyone looking to better themselves. Wales is truly wonderful for students and parents alike with how many grants and opportunities they offer. Best of luck!

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