OU Goodie Bag WINNER

As a student of the Open University, I was set to restart my term in October this year. Prior to this, they held a ‘competition’ of sorts…

Here it is, a simple writing task for describing your achievements throughout the last year, what it means to you, and what the OU will do for you in the future. I decided to go ALL OUT.

I don’t know about you, but repping my University always felt like a huge prideful moment for me. Yes, I study. Yeah, I have/will have a university degree (this is my second I’m doing so I do already!). I’m trying to better myself. Trying to improve my life for me and the people I love. This was a competition I really wanted to win, even though it probably means nothing to a lot of people.

Yeah, I could have bought the hoodie. But I wanted to win one. It feels cooler, you know? And what better way is there to find a hidden benefit in such a weird, almost-tragic, life event that left me with an implanted defibrillator and on medication for life?

So I went for the jugular, and used my heart condition, cardiac arrest, and brand new baby (pregnancy whilst studying!) to my advantage…

(Click this link to read the full story of my Cardiac Arrest at 25)

Soon after, I received a response from the Uni.

I do agree this is pandering to the EXTREME, and usually I would not condone using this story for anything other than an educational experience or a warning. However, look how happy I am in this pink hoodie!

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Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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