2022 Goals (Reviewing 2021)

My Future Plans was written more than a year ago on 6 July 2020! How many of those plans have come to fruition and which am I still working towards or have I scrapped? What has been added?

On the list for my future plans was as follows;

  • Provisional License ✅
  • CBT – Compulsory Basic Training
  • Driving Lessons
  • Open University ✅
  • A home together ✅✅
  • Campervan
  • Homemade things ✅
  • Trying to conceive ✅
  • Masters in Reproductive Science
  • PhD
  • A career in Fertility

As you can see, some plans have 100% happened – and more!
This has ben a fabulous year for goal setting and achieving, baring in mind some of these goals, such as a Masters degree and PhD are unachievable in a single year and are there for the future. Because of this, I’m going to remove them from my next yearly goals.

Not only did I start Open University, try to conceive and manage to conceive, but we also moved in together and just now are moving AGAIN two days before we would have been here a year – into social housing!

This is incredible news and is keeping us so busy. What with my yearly Liverpool H&C Hospital visit in the next week, and now an unexpected move into a new flat, plus the daily care of a new baby, I’m exhausted. I can hardly find the time to write – but I promise I will update in more detail soon.

I believe my year in review is worthy of some kind of celebration. 😍

1st Nov 2021 – Another Year of Goals

  • Driving Lessons 🚗

    The first of my goals has moved over to this year. Although I managed one driving assessment last year, I haven’t had time amid having a baby and moving house again to book anything. Here goes for 2022.

  • Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) 🛵

    I still have a stored 50cc run around moped I used to ride, when time allows I can finally do my CBT to get back on it… once I have got it through an MOT as well.

  • Open University 👩🏼‍🏫

    I have just began year 2 of University study. This year I’m taking a step back. Rather than complete a full years amount of work I’m doing 120 credits down to 60. Both are still considered ‘part-time’ when it’s with the OU, but 120 credits is a usual yearly amount for a brick Uni. This year, baby in tow, I want to complete my half a year with the best grade I can 🤞🏻

    Photo by Chokniti Khongchum on Pexels.com
  • Sh.arnie 🎀 & Fertility.Queen 👑

    I’ve recently made a second instagram account called Fertility Queen. This is because I have lots of friends and family from my real life on my usual account sh.arnie. I like to post fertility information, TTC ideas/tips/tricks, get involved with the infertility and TTC communities and more. This isn’t always what my real life people expect to see!

  • A First Car 🚘

    As well as doing the driving lessons myself, J has started his own lessons by purchasing a block of 10 at once. We also have an amount put by to buy a car. £750 isn’t a lot, but for our first ever car, it’s enough.

  • Get Healthy 🩺🏋🏼‍♀️

    I am currently (as of 1 Nov 2021) over 100 kg in weight, with a BMI of over 35 and a UK size 16 (14 if I go to the right store). Yes, that is correct. No, that is not what I want.

    I will soon be posting all about my health and the specific goals I have in mind for it. I’m not happy this way, and I need to make changes. Thankfully, J says he’s fully on board with me. Let’s get healthy!

    Photo by Total Shape on Pexels.com
  • Enjoy My Baby Girl 👶🏼

    As a Mum who is technically stay-at-home, but also earns a living via studying at university part-time, you’d think my time would be all about my new baby. However, like we all do sometimes, I find myself often defaulting to looking at my phone.

    Whether it’s because I’m taking photos of her, updating the blog or instagram, using it to play music or videos for her, playing a game to pass the time, buying her things on eBay, or even FaceTime with my Mum and Dad, her Nana and Grandad so she can see them, I feel like she may grow up remembering my face stuck behind a phone. No matter how nice the intentions, I don’t want to neglect actually spending time with my baby without a phone in the way!

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