2 Years to Social Housing


Yes, after two years (-ish) on the council social housing list as a couple, then a couple expecting a child, we finally got offered a council home. And let me tell you, they do not f-ck around.

We were informed of a property coming up on the Wednesday, visited on the Thursday, was told we had until the end of the day Friday ton decide if we wanted it, then got the keys the following Monday! 🔑

If it hadn’t been a weekend I expect we’d have had the keys the day after. Wow!

Here’s the lowdown. We were private renting in a 2 bedroom little Welsh cottage on the main road. Wooden, rotting windows which let out so much heat, noisy pub behind us and kebab over the road. The main road right in front of us (no parking and nowhere to stop) which has big lorries going along it. Next to a river than flooded too. We shared a courtyard with a block of flats that was being done up, the whole time we lived there it had building rubble, mess, old bathtubs and shower blocks, rubbish and more littering the courtyard. It made it noisy through that wall as they worked. 😮‍💨

All these problems aided our claim. But the best aid? Having a baby.

Once we had A, w were assigned a Health Visitor as per usual from the NHS. She was fantastic! They are there to help you in any way towards having a happy, comfortable family life. So she wrote us a letter to the council stating the problems, what we faced, and what would be ideal – a social housing home away from the noise, cold and difficulties.

Our previous home. Note the likelihood of flooding and rot wood windows!

And it must have worked. All we can say is just how grateful we are to FINALLY be here. And only within 2 years, I know some other councils have lists that go beyond 10 years, let alone even 5. I personally believe it is the North Wales council being so good, and having a child, although I wouldn’t recommend you have a baby just for a home. 😬

We are now awaiting a cooker delivery and some classic Billy bookcases (3! I almost have a dream library!)from IKEA to finish furnishing the beautifully bright, quiet 2 bedroom flat.


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