A Weight Loss Journey

My name is Sharnie and I am over 35 BMI, Obese category II, and 100.9 kg in weight. Recently, I decided enough is enough. Something MUST change. I have to.

With my little girl at 4 months, my boyfriend (who happens to work at a gym and pool – way to make me feel inadequate for hardly leaving the house to exercise!) and our family settled in our new social housing miracle home, I want to do something for me.

I’ve been big all my life, practically. Not a huge child, but stocky, well-built, with a larger frame. I put on weight not so easily, but once it’s on it seems to take forever to get any of it off. I just went over 100kg, and this, for me, was my rock bottom moment. Until now…

I’ve started a weight loss journey. Documented almost entirely on my health and fertility Instagram, Fertility.Queen.

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Since 1 November 2021, I have lost 3.1 kg in weight. This is mostly due to my utter determination not to let myself go further, and get heavier. For him, for her, for myself!

My strategies (if anyone cares) are thus;

  • Reduce Carbohydrate intake.
  • Increase protein intake.
  • Eat fats and full-fat dairy, NOT low fat.
  • Do not restrict or forbid any foods.
  • Follow J’s workout schedule.
  • Eat as many vegetables as I can.
  • Smaller portions.
  • Always refill my drinks bottle.
  • Weigh myself every day.
  • Use the Happy Scale app to track progress.

Why am I doing these things? I’m glad you asked!

Reducing my carbs and sugars is my main aim, as I adore bread, pasta, pizza and the rest! These have been there worst things to have for me, and I feel like I need to eat so much to feel full. Instead, I increase my protein intake – think eggs, fish, chicken and Quorn. This helps me to feel fuller and it’s working!

Fats aren’t the problem. And what with news articles talking about how bad low fat dairy can be with the added sugar to make them taste nice, I’ll stick with my normal, unaltered full-fat dairy products please. At least I know what’s in them.

Restricting certain foods is dumb imho. First, it creates an unhealthy obsession with the food. Second, how could anyone stick to that? You’ll only fail and feel ashamed later. Better to accept and have a bit than forbid yourself and eventually binge.

My boyfriend has put together a workout schedule consisting of yoga, swimming, strength exercises and step goals all happening every other day with a day of rest between. An easy beginning I feel.

VEGGIES! If I’m feeling rather empty, protein and as many vegetables as I can afford to buy and consume is the way to go. Considering how low calorie content of some vegetables are, and how good they are for you, I can afford to ‘binge’ on as much of them as I like. Lately I’ve been having mushroom and onion 3 egg omelette for lunch, with a bit of cheese on top. Fills me up so much!

I bought new plates with an inner lip, reducing the size of the actual plate being used for food. This helps me automatically fill the centre and not the entire plate to the edge (which I used to do on our completely smooth plates). This reduces my portion sizes without me even noticing.

I admit, I have to have some squash/cordial in there, but filling up on fluids is a much better way of staving off both hunger and boredom eating as I slurp my way to hydration.

It might seem like a weird choice, and for some it won’t work, but I weigh myself every morning (when I remember). This is to keep my mind on my goals throughout the day. I used to find weekly weighing I would forget my goal halfway through the week, or miss my weigh day, and give up because I wasn’t able to track any progress. This way I see it all.

Happy Scale – My new BF!

Lastly, I recommend Happy Scale. It’s totally free with premium options, but the best part is that it not only gives you 10 day insights into the weight you’ve lost, but also only shows your 10 day lowest weight (keeping morale up if one day you gain weight, which happens because variance), and helps morale again by showing a chart of your progress with a trend line.
This means the line does not go through your weights, showing the sad ups and the good downs, but rather, follows the trend of them going down as a whole. So, any higher weights don’t suddenly spike the line upwards, which could make you feel bad for possibly falling off the bandwagon.

Another cool thing about Happy Scale is the milestones it gives you, breaking down your ultimate weight goal into 10 little milestones, making the journey seem so much easier and each step so much closer. I’ve already got my first in the bag!

I cannot emphasise enough how much this app has helped me, and how proud of myself I am to have got this far – despite only being a few weeks in. I started Nov 1st. Imagine where I’ll be in a year, in November 2022!

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Student biologist, aspiring embryologist, blogger and animal lover.

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