Hi, my name is Sharnie. I live in Wales, am a fertility enthusiast, became a mother in July 2021 and am a student biologist.

This is my personal journal, and I write about my life and family, my career interest in fertility and reproductive science and anything that takes my fancy. I hope there may be resources and information here to help you, and you enjoy reading it, thank you!

I am a new mum with my first child who came into the world in July 2021. I write here, and document on Instagram, my journey to motherhood and education towards a career in Embryology, hoping to continue both this blog and my studies long after my family starts growing.

Extra Facts


Studying to complete a bachelors degree in Biology (BSc) from Open University, and if all goes to plan, I want to specialise in Embryology with an MSc and/or a PhD further down the line.


I have recognised anxiety, although no longer medicated, and a heart condition which resulted in cardiac arrest in August 2019. I have an S-ICD implanted and am on medication for life.


Living in Wales with my partner J, in a beautiful welsh cottage next to Snowdonia National Park. I am flexitarian, adore cats and love anything to do with the home – like DIY, decorating and cooking.


This is a space to write whatever I please, where I may post advice and opinions, and, of course, general life. A main topic is fertility and sexual health, as a career and personal interest.