A Weight Loss Journey

My name is Sharnie and I am over 35 BMI, Obese category II, and 100.9 kg in weight. Recently, I decided enough is enough. Something MUST change. I have to. With my little girl at 4 months, my boyfriend (who happens to work at a gym and pool – way to make me feel inadequateContinue reading “A Weight Loss Journey”

2 Years to Social Housing

WE DID IT! Yes, after two years (-ish) on the council social housing list as a couple, then a couple expecting a child, we finally got offered a council home. And let me tell you, they do not f-ck around. We were informed of a property coming up on the Wednesday, visited on the Thursday,Continue reading “2 Years to Social Housing”

2022 Goals (Reviewing 2021)

My Future Plans was written more than a year ago on 6 July 2020! How many of those plans have come to fruition and which am I still working towards or have I scrapped? What has been added? On the list for my future plans was as follows; Provisional License ✅ CBT – Compulsory BasicContinue reading “2022 Goals (Reviewing 2021)”

OU Goodie Bag WINNER

As a student of the Open University, I was set to restart my term in October this year. Prior to this, they held a ‘competition’ of sorts… Here it is, a simple writing task for describing your achievements throughout the last year, what it means to you, and what the OU will do for youContinue reading “OU Goodie Bag WINNER”

Mosaic Embryos for the Win!

Admittingly, it’s been a while since I’ve written here. My life has been filled with family, work, chaos, peace, … Mosaic Embryos for the Win! A great insight into the viability of so-called ‘Mosaic’ embryos. A nice, plain english blog post from a fertility community blogger detailing the most recent discovery and publication of someContinue reading “Mosaic Embryos for the Win!”

New Parents get FREE £500

As usual, I’ve been trawling the internet in the free time between snuggles, feeds and nappy changes, for anything useful to myself, my partner and now little one. From being on the council list (fingers crossed), to receiving Universal Credit due to the appalling amount of ‘pay’ for Paternity Leave (£150 a week – seriously!),Continue reading “New Parents get FREE £500”

Grants for Parents who Study

Parents Learning Allowance and the Childcare Grant are two wonderful pots of money for those, like myself since the birth of A, who are both parents and trying to study for a degree at a Welsh university (Open University counts, it’s base in Cardiff I believe, because it’s studying from home in Wales). The breakdownContinue reading “Grants for Parents who Study”

Baby A’s Birth

Here’s hoping you don’t mind a little anonymity, but I refer to my partner as J and now my baby as A. I’m a firm believer in you can not be too careful online, but also in privacy of the individual and so this is how I choose to write my birth story. It allContinue reading “Baby A’s Birth”