Palpitations in Pregnancy

Heart palpitations, online searches tell me, are common to a lot of people who suffer anxiety and other mental health issues, and apparently pregnant women too. Unfortunately, I am one of many women with a heart condition, Focal Ventricular Fibrillation, specifically. Which translates to a potential ‘wobble’ of the heart instead of beating properly, whenContinue reading “Palpitations in Pregnancy”

5 First Trimester Must-Haves

I am around 16 weeks pregnant – I never imagined I’d get here! It’s all gone so incredibly fast. As a second trimester mum-to-be I definitely found some of the tips bombarding me on the internet useful and downright necessary to live life in the first third of pregnancy. I decided to write down myContinue reading “5 First Trimester Must-Haves”

Prenatal Yoga

The NHS states that you should not try to lose weight during pregnancy if you’re overweight, it won’t help and may even be detrimental, but to keep active. On Bisoprolol I find myself perpetually out of breath when doing anything cardio-related. I’m not tired or struggling in my muscles to do the moves, but myContinue reading “Prenatal Yoga”

Twins in IVF — Wife to Mama

These days I hate telling people I conceived via IVF. Not because there is any shame in it but because straight away it’s like people have this moment where the magic of my identical twins is taken away ‘oh right IVF that’s why you have twins!’… um sorry Karen do you know statistics I don’t? […]Continue reading “Twins in IVF — Wife to Mama”