Free STI/STD Test Kit

As an aspiring embryologist or fertility enthusiast (is that a phrase?) I am always on the lookout for great resources and information I can share on my blog related to sexual health and fertility. This is a personal space, but I’m hoping to also make it helpful to anyone who wants advice, guidance or simplyContinue reading “Free STI/STD Test Kit”


One of my favourite YouTubers – partly because of my ambition to work in assisted reproduction, and everything health-related to the female body and reproduction, and partly because I’m a woman who wants to know about these things for myself – is Mama Doctor Jones. US-based obstetrician and gynaecologist (OBGyn), she does videos from allContinue reading “OMG! OMV! No.”

Elvie Breast Pump Review — Clever C(nt)s

I was very excited when I saw two pumps on the market that advertised being cordless and silent. What a brilliant idea! A pump that could fit in your bra and use on the go. Despite the rather painful price tag (the Elvie markets at around £250 for a single and £450 for a doubleContinue reading “Elvie Breast Pump Review — Clever C(nt)s”

5 First Trimester Must-Haves

I am around 16 weeks pregnant – I never imagined I’d get here! It’s all gone so incredibly fast. As a second trimester mum-to-be I definitely found some of the tips bombarding me on the internet useful and downright necessary to live life in the first third of pregnancy. I decided to write down myContinue reading “5 First Trimester Must-Haves”

A Child Against All Odds

If you are in the midst of IVF, looking to start IUI or feel the need to ask for help from the reproductive industry due to ‘unexplained infertility’, I would wholly recommend you read this book. A Child Against All Odds is an accessible scientific look at the history, methods and numerous studies on inContinue reading “A Child Against All Odds”

Cat Sticky Notes for University

I live in Wales, UK and if you know anything about UK Coronavirus politics, we’ve decided to stay quarantined whilst England has opened itself in a small but (possibly) too early way. I’m happy to stay at home earning 80% as I’ve got a lot of life I’m planning ahead of me considering university andContinue reading “Cat Sticky Notes for University”

The Fertility Podcast

As an aspiring fertility worker I’m interested in all sides of fertility, and used to spend a long time reading blogs (and still do) about IVF, assisted fertility and couples trying to conceive. Along this new career journey I’ve become a little obsessed with finding others who are fertility workers, as well as simply readingContinue reading “The Fertility Podcast”

Once Upon A Time… Life

Once Upon A Time… Life, or How My Body Works as I knew it growing up, is a 80s-90s drawn and animated cartoon series for children consisting of 26 episodes all about how life begins. All the way from earth’s creation, to the dinosaurs, and eventually us it starts to explain our biology. Originally producedContinue reading “Once Upon A Time… Life”