Infertility and Health

They are listed in alphabetical order and I will add easy ‘jump to’ links when this list gets too long. Happy info-hunting! – STI/SDI Test for Free

A UK-based NHS website which allows anyone to order a free STI kit, covering the basics of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.

This website can also direct you to an HIV kit at Test.HIV and a 4-in-1 kit for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea,  HIV and Syphilis all together at GUM.

Mama Doctor Jones – YouTube

American Obstetrician (‘maternity doctor’) and Gynaecologist (‘lady doctor’) creating content both entertaining and informative, using data, research and fact to inform on female and maternity health and welfare. US-based but still quite relevant using worldwide research and information.

The Fertility Podcast – Podcast

“Since launching, the podcast has covered the A-Z of fertility, discussing how to optimise your fertility and get pregnant naturally to dealing with miscarriage. It has been relaunched in 2021 to make sure you can navigate your way through whatever your fertility journey looks like.”