Pregnant Driving Lessons

Thank the NHS for their diligence, determination and utter selflessness for allowing this all to become possible. Yes, by 12 April 2021 not only can the world of Wales begin to rapidly reopen for tourism, shopping, hairdressing and me finally seeing my parents while pregnant (seriously, they haven’t seen me once while I’ve been pregnant),Continue reading “Pregnant Driving Lessons”

I Lost My Job

Due to COVID-19. Determined to enjoy Christmas no matter what, I hung up the phone to my (now ex-) boss. It’s been a hard year for everyone, but not least of all the small businesses, any shops on side streets which rely so heavily on the influx of yearly summer tourists from over the borderContinue reading “I Lost My Job”

The Demon – Maybehood

“I just listened to your BLAW week post on Sophie Martin’s insta and I am weeping in the kitchen,” the text said. “I am just so proud of you for … The Demon Perhaps one of the most powerful writers I follow on WordPress and an amazing storyteller. This is a blog post-cum-life-update by MaybehoodContinue reading “The Demon – Maybehood”

Uni and Lockdown 2.0

What I wanted to do was update this blog once we had moved into our beautiful little cottage, as I said in my last update. Unfortunately we are still waiting. This isn’t helped by the county we are in, in beautiful North Wales, now being back in lockdown. Local lockdown. Just 15 minutes ago IContinue reading “Uni and Lockdown 2.0”

A House Together

After deliberating, note-taking, planning and organising everything for a major phone call in our lives this very morning, J and I took an intake of breath as his mobile rang. Turns out we needn’t have prepared so much for a discussion about housing with our local authority here in Wales, UK. We are pretty muchContinue reading “A House Together”

Back to Work Blues

If you want to know my thoughts on the COVID-19 situation, it’s another drop in the ocean I’m sure of posts and tweets and general chatter surrounding the subject, but it’s this; we shouldn’t be getting back to ‘normal’ yet. It’s too soon. I know I’ve been getting bored of the news since April, evenContinue reading “Back to Work Blues”