The Fertility Podcast

As an aspiring fertility worker I’m interested in all sides of fertility, and used to spend a long time reading blogs (and still do) about IVF, assisted fertility and couples trying to conceive. Along this new career journey I’ve become a little obsessed with finding others who are fertility workers, as well as simply readingContinue reading “The Fertility Podcast”

Once Upon A Time… Life

Once Upon A Time… Life, or How My Body Works as I knew it growing up, is a 80s-90s drawn and animated cartoon series for children consisting of 26 episodes all about how life begins. All the way from earth’s creation, to the dinosaurs, and eventually us it starts to explain our biology. Originally producedContinue reading “Once Upon A Time… Life”


em·​bry·​ol·​o·​gy | \ ˌem-brē-ˈä-lə-jē  \1: a branch of biology dealing with embryo and their development2: the features and phenomena exhibited in the formation and development of an embryo I have a confession to make. I am 26 years old and until yesterday, had NO IDEA what I wanted to be when I… um… ‘grew up’. I have already completed a Bachelor of the ArtsContinue reading “Embryology”