I’m Pregnant

Do you want to know what happened? Knowing that you don’t usually get pregnant ‘just like that’, knowing that this journey may take longer as my partner and I don’t know how fertile we were, our ages might play a factor, and especially my health? When I left behind contraception in September, hoping for someContinue reading “I’m Pregnant”

TTC Abbreviations — Solo Mum Overload

A brilliant post from Solo Mum Overload, with a glossary of TTC abbreviations and acronyms we all can use in forums and on instagram when talking about trying to conceive. Starting the IVF process, there is a whole host of another language to learn. Theres so much terminology, but when you’ve got the acronyms forContinue reading “TTC Abbreviations — Solo Mum Overload”

A Confession

There’s a confession I have to make! Since that September 1st 2020 date, binning (metaphorically, I still have them in the cupboard) my Desogestrel, or PoP mini-pill, we’ve been “not not trying” for pregnancy. In the instagram/blogging world this is called TTC, or Trying to Conceive. There’s a ton of abbreviations used on internet forums,Continue reading “A Confession”