I’m Pregnant

Do you want to know what happened? Knowing that you don’t usually get pregnant ‘just like that’, knowing that this journey may take longer as my partner and I don’t know how fertile we were, our ages might play a factor, and especially my health? When I left behind contraception in September, hoping for someContinue reading “I’m Pregnant”

TTC Abbreviations — Solo Mum Overload

A brilliant post from Solo Mum Overload, with a glossary of TTC abbreviations and acronyms we all can use in forums and on instagram when talking about trying to conceive. Starting the IVF process, there is a whole host of another language to learn. Theres so much terminology, but when you’ve got the acronyms forContinue reading “TTC Abbreviations — Solo Mum Overload”

A Confession

There’s a confession I have to make! Since that September 1st 2020 date, binning (metaphorically, I still have them in the cupboard) my Desogestrel, or PoP mini-pill, we’ve been “not not trying” for pregnancy. In the instagram/blogging world this is called TTC, or Trying to Conceive. There’s a ton of abbreviations used on internet forums,Continue reading “A Confession”

A House Together

After deliberating, note-taking, planning and organising everything for a major phone call in our lives this very morning, J and I took an intake of breath as his mobile rang. Turns out we needn’t have prepared so much for a discussion about housing with our local authority here in Wales, UK. We are pretty muchContinue reading “A House Together”

A Major Countdown

It may not seem like much of a milestone, but J has finally given me the go ahead I wanted all along; I’m coming off of my Desogestrel pill! Don’t panic! We aren’t TTC, yet, but it’s still a cause to celebrate. So, Desogestrel is my mini-pill contraception, also known as Progesterone-only pill (POP). SinceContinue reading “A Major Countdown”

Identifying Ovulation— Clever C(nt)s

Tracking your ovulation can be a frustrating task. Whether you are doing it for health reasons, contraceptive reasons, medical reasons, investigatory reasons or ‘just’ because you want to target sex to conceive, the good news is nowadays we have a lot of equipment for use in the home that can help at least work outContinue reading “Identifying Ovulation— Clever C(nt)s”